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The Milburn Eye Center is committed to providing the highest caliber of care in a timely and cost effective manner. We believe that the cornerstone to any successful treatment plan is a solid relationship between the doctor and the patient. We believe that our role is that of teacher, as well as healer. By empowering our patients with information, our patients can then participate in their own care. Together, doctor and patient should decide the best course of treatment. The doctor’s responsibility is always to recommend the best possible form of treatment, but doctors must also be sensitive to each patient’s individual concerns and budget.

We believe patients should have easy access to their doctors in case of a question or an emergency. Our doctors are available for 24 hour emergency care. In addition, we make ourselves available to our patients by promptly returning phone calls and by answering questions submitted by email.

We believe in providing superior customer service. To that end, we constantly train our staff to make sure they are knowledgeable and efficient in dealing with all patient care issues. We stand behind all of the products and materials that are sold in our office. We will assist patients in dealing with the difficult maze of filing insurance claims. Whenever possible, we will file a patient’s claim on their behalf.

We will offer the most complete and thorough eye examination available at a cost that is fair for our area when compared to other private eye care practitioners. By combining the latest technology and techniques with superior care and service we will strive to create value for our patients and provide an eyecare experience that is unlike any other.